International French School of Amman
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The French international School of Amman provides students with a cafeteria service that consists of a few hot and cold dishes, pastries and drinks.

This food service is administered by an external service provider. The aim is not to offer a complete menu, but rather to provide students who may feel hungry with food and snacks throughout the day.
Both the elementary school and the middle and high schools have a commission that consists of students, parents and adults from the LFiA who meet each term to improve the cafeteria service..


Books of lunch tickets are the only accepted means of payment. A book of 40 tickets costs 10 JOD.

Students may purchase lunch tickets every day from 8:00 to 8:30 at the hall Vie scolaire from the cafeteria staff. We recommend writing the child’s name in the book.
Different grades eat at different times depending on the day.


The elementary school cafeteria menu and the number of tickets that each item costs are indicated below. Tickets are the only accepted means of payment.

Books of lunch tickets are sold at the gate every Sunday at 8:00. A book of 40 tickets costs 10 JOD.
Only elementary school students can access the cafeteria.
We recommend writing the name of your child in the book and only giving him/her the tickets s/he needs for the day.

Cafeteria Menu