International French School of Amman
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Anais BEGAT, Science Stream, Class of 2009

What course of study did you decide on after receiving your Baccalaureate?

After high school, I studied one year at the Lycée Carnot in Dijon in preparatory class BCPST. After a year in prep, I decided to change formation and integrate ISTOM, School of Engineering in International Agro-Development. This school trains engineers to business development and then be able to make a career abroad or in France in companies or NGOs working in the field of development, agribusiness or the management of natural resources (water, forest ...).

What have you gained from the French education system?

The French education system helped me develop my knowledge and skills in many areas, both scientific and literary. My engineering background allowed me to work in different countries and develop project management skills, languages and in my ability to move in the world of business and development. This training allows to touch different materials allows subsequently to fit relatively easily into the world of work.

What field and country are you currently working in?

I am currently working in the field of water treatment as a junior project manager for a desalination pilot plant to the United Arab Emirates.